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No more having to make your prints on a home printer, no more paying "Print Houses" to print them and charge you so much that you have to mark them up to a price no one would be willng to pay for a print.

Printpop.com is a one of a kind company, we are the only company in the world who does what we do, think..."MP3.com" for Artists, Painters, Photographers, Illustrators, etc.

We have artists from all over the globe, S. Africa, Russia, India, Canada, from Hawaii to Maine, and everywhere in between.

The artist signs up, then logs into their account and uploads digital reproducitons (scanned or taken witha digital camera) of their work, places it in the gallery or galleries of their choice, fills out a Bio, and artwork information (Commentary, Medium, Limited number amount, etc).

Then your work is out there for the world to see, but we dont' stop with exposure, when an order is placed we print a high quality reproduciton print of that work in one of thre sizes (small:24 inches wide, Medium:36 inches wide, and large:44 inches wide!!)

The print is then shipped to the buyer and the artist recieves a check once a month for their % of each poster sold.

This allows the artists to keep their originals and still profit from their work, or sell the orginal and continue to profit from the sale of the prints forever...why should the dead "masters" be the only ones earning money from poster of their work (Starry night, Sunflowers, Soup Cans) . Sure you can sell your originals, but once it's gone..it's gone forever!

Artist are able to upload as many or as few as they choose, for FREE! FOREVER!

There is no "catch" Printpop is simply a tool, a "vehicle", for artists to make some extra cash by putting their art to work for them, you literally have nothing to loose, at the bottom of the site is a user agreement and an intellectual property rights agreement, basically you agree that you have the right to profit from the sale of a poster of the work you are uploading, and We are agreeing to only use your work to print a poster for each that is ordered.

Check the site out for yourself, the HELP/FAQ section is pretty detailed, but if you have any other questions, please email me directly.

Also if you are a CELEBRITY artist (known primarily for soemthing other than your artwork), and would like to get involved, Please contact us as well.

We offer a SHOWCASE gallery where we do the same as outlined above, but once per month we like to auction off one of the showcase pieces autographed by the artist with 100% of the proceeds going to that artists charity.

Also some of the Musician artists will buy a bundle of posters to take on the road with them and sell at their merch booths, ALL artists who buy copies of their own work do so at a discount.

Many artists will buy prints before a show, knowing that not eveyone can walk into their show and pay $500 - $5,000 for an original, but you can buy (at a discount) your own prints, then mark them up to whatever you choose and make those available too (...and sign them).

Whew..well I hope that answers some questions... like I said, it's actually a really cool tool for artists, my work is on there, and I am nowhere near as talented as most of you, my daughter has her work on there..and it sells.... There is also an archival aspect built into Printpop to consider.

Ok..well if anyone has anymore questons, don't hesitate to ask..


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