2006 is behind us...look ahead to 2007

Dear Printpoppers,

Here comes 2007! I hope you all have had a great 2006, and that 2007 will prove to be an even better year.

I would like to start by sending out a personal thank you. Thanks for all of the kind words and letters during this trying year for me. It meant the world to me and really helped me get back on track and through some rough times (thanks a TON Michelle! You truly are my friend).

It's been a great year at Printpop. I want to thank Talease Cleveland, Chrissy Martinez, Emily Eakes, and Dave Danchuck for all of their hard work promoting Printpop. Way to go guys, please let us know if you need any promo materials from us. This goes for all of the artists as well. If you have an art show or just want to promote your Printpop portfolio, tell us and we'll send you some flyers, stickers, or gallery cards, or help with other ideas (we want to help you and your shows succeed).

Speaking of art shows…A BIG CONGRATS to Jennifer Finch. In case you haven't seen the pictures, click on the red link, "Jennifer Precious Finch Exclusive!" at the top of our main page. Ladd, our COO, and I made the trip out to L.A. for Jennifer's first public showing of her photographs; we had a blast and the show was a HUGE success. Jennifer, thank you for the hospitality as well as the chance to provide the world with prints of your art.
Please take the time to visit Jennifer's site at http://jenniferfinchphoto.com/.

The next stop for Printpop was Chicago for Chrissy Martinez's first gallery show. Despite the "cut to the bone" cold weather and the hostage situation that took place during dinner downtown, the show and trip were both big successes. Way to go Chrissy! If you are in Chicago, be sure to stop by and check out her work. It's still on display at the High Risk Gallery, 113 West Belmont Ave.

In 2006, Printpop welcomed 200 new artists. This year we averaged about 150,000 hits per month, or about 1100 visitors monthly. The three most popular pieces were Dave Danchuk's "Marley Live," Steven Bossler's "Untitled," and Patricia Michele Beers "Allison Colored."

Printpop is growing, we have established our claims on Myspace, Blogspot, 723.com, Livejournal, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Recognizing that we are growing has caused us to do some re-evaluating and we took a long look at our goals and how to achieve them. To help all of you and to help Printpop "grow," we have brought on a new partner, Kathryn Vagneur. Kathryn is based in London and brings with her a lifetime of marketing, logistical, and financial experience. In 2007, I am confident that Kathryn will prove to be a valuable part of Printpop.

Also join me in welcoming Stephanie Kot, who our newest team member and my "go-to" person. Thanks a million Steph!

Outside of the U.S. we are welcoming visitors from the U.K., Canada, Austraila, Finland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, India, Ireland, Thailand, Denmark, Belarus, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, S. Africa, Spain, Chile, Greece, Seychelles, Turkey, and Sweden. You are also now able to visit Printpop.co.uk (England), Printpop.be(Belgium), Printpop.eu(European Union), Printpop.hk.cn(Hong Kong), Printpop.cn(China), Printpop.es(Spain), Printpop.it(Italy), Printpop.ru(Russia)

The artists on Printpop.com span the globe from Russia to India, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, France, and South Africa to England. We have artists involved from Hawaii to Maine, and 38 states in between.

Speaking of Hawaii, one of the artists who has been with Printpop the longest is Kathy Ostman-Magnusen, who lives on the big island, and has just launched a new website, kathysart.com, so please be sure to check it out as well as her Printpop portfolio. Aloha and Mahalo Kathy!

I'd also like to thank our current showcase artists, Jennifer Finch from the band the Shocker (formerly with L7), Gina Volpe from the band Bantamn (Ex-Lunachicks), and Michelle Shocked, who is displaying some incredible photographs of Ghana.

The next version of Printpop is due out shortly after the New Year. Some of the cool things that Ladd tells me to expect are a revamped shopping cart, cell phone wallpaper, new galleries, and much much more. There are currently many ideas on the drawing board, but if you have any suggestions or new ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Keep up the good work on helping us spread the word about Printpop. Word-of-mouth is our biggest and fastest way of bringing people to the site and to your work. The most successful Printpop artists are those who are proactive. If you need flyers or artwork for banners to put on your websites Myspace, Livejournal, Blogspot etc., please let us know and we will get what you need to you as soon as possible.

I'd like to close by wishing that the New Year will bring Peace and Happiness for all of you and your loved ones.

Take care of yourselves this year,
Devin Walker
CEO Printpop.com

P.S . For those of you who've signed up but haven't uploaded anything yet, please let us know if we can help you, the process is very easy and once you upload your first piece, it'll become second nature.

P.S.S . Now is a good time to make sure that all of your information on Printpop is updated; we've had a few checks come back to us because the artist had moved and had not updated their mailing address. Don't forget to add your Bio and descriptions for your pieces.


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