2008; Ain’t it great!

Dear Printpoppers,

Here we are 2008, I can't believe it! Printpop is now into its 5th year of existence and it's shaping up to be the best and biggest year yet.

There are some big plans on the horizon and plenty on the plates of the tech and support teams. Here is a sneak peak at some of the things we will be rolling out in 2008:

Printpop Press: This will be an off shoot of Printpop where artists or anyone, can upload and order a print(s) or GiftPop items WITHOUT placing it into a gallery for mass sale.

Redesign: We've spent countless hours of trial and error and we finally arrived at a new web layout design that provides more "real estate" on the website to allow for announcements, more advertising, sections where we can add features like an artist community, a forum, an interactive blog with us here at Printpop, etc etc …oh heck…check out the concept design here:


Art Star08: This year will be the inaugural launch of The Printpop.com ArtStar Contest. The artist who sells the highest number of items over the course of 2008 will receive an ALL expenses paid solo art exhibit with entertainment, catering and advertising, as well as national and local press coverage, airfare and hotel accommodations for two. The Contest will be officially announced shortly after the New Year; watch your inbox for a link to the announcement as well as the rules.

Another Dimension: Printpop has a history of always seeking out artists from across the globe…this year will see Printpop extend its reach into the Metaverse. In 2008, Printpop.com will be establishing a presence in Second Life. For those of you who aren't familiar with Second Life (or as it's commonly called "SL"), it is a virtual community full of millions of people who interact with one another (through their Real Life counterparts). Products can be sold virtually in Real Life, for virtual money, and then converted into real U.S Dollars. Printpop.com is proud to be a pioneer of this new global platform. Along with this Printpop is planning a "Virtual Art Festival" in "SL", I will keep you posted as things develop.

Artist Ads: As you all know Printpop has Advertising space on the bottom of every page on the site. In the past I have been asked if Artists Could advertise there and my position has always been that that space is reserved fro Businesses. It has occurred to me that our reason for existence is to help the artists spread the word and get people buying their artwork. With that in mind I have made the decision to open those ads up to our artists. If you feel that you want to be more proactive, or generate more traffic to your portfolio, your MySpace or your website, please let us know, and we will provide you with the terms and rates for Premium advertising, not all of you will need or want this extra exposure but for those that do, it is now available. Email ads@printpop.com

A special thanks goes out this year to Bob White and "Bad Art for Bad People". In June and October of 2007, Printpop was fortunate enough to co-sponsor two art events with Bad Art for Bad People in Denver, Co. And when I say events, no other art show comes close to the first rate spectacle put on by Bob White and Bad Art. I have to say that Bob's professionalism and graciousness are beyond reproach and that if ANY of you ever want to put on an art event, Bad Art for Bad People is the way to go. I sincerely hope that Printpop is able to work with him again to bring this level of event to more cities across the nation.

Printpop continues to grow. In 2007, Printpop welcomed 500 new artists offering over 3500 pieces of artwork. We averaged about 200,000 hits per month. The artists on Printpop.com span the globe from Russia to India, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, France, and South Africa to England. We have artists involved from Hawaii to Maine, and 40 other states in between. Printpop also welcomes artists this year from Egypt, 7 Canadian providences, as well as China! Zhenlian is our first artist from China, and she has already built a very impressive portfolio on Printpop, please visit her artwork.

Outside of the U.S. we are welcoming site visitors from the U.K., Canada, Austraila, Finland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, India, Ireland, Thailand, Denmark, Belarus, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, S. Africa, Spain, Chile, Greece, Seychelles, Turkey, and Sweden. You are also now able to visit Printpop.co.uk (England), Printpop.be(Belgium), Printpop.eu(European Union), Printpop.hk.cn(Hong Kong), Printpop.cn(China), Printpop.es(Spain), Printpop.it(Italy), Printpop.ru(Russia)

Ladd and the support crew have stayed busy this year with the launch of a new and improved shopping cart, better integration into the main site, and the addition of new Giftpop items. Along with improved security, the tech team has created easier ways to direct link your profile or artwork to another website. We also launched our Google Products collaboration to make the artists and artwork easier to find, and hopefully more accessible.

Keep up the good work on helping us spread the word about Printpop. Word-of-mouth is our biggest and fastest way of bringing people to the site and to your work. The most successful Printpop artists are those who are proactive. Don't forget that if you have an art show or just want to promote your Printpop portfolio, tell us and we'll send you some flyers, stickers, gallery cards, or artwork for banners to put on your websites.

I'd like to close by wishing that the New Year will bring Peace and Happiness for all of you and your loved ones. Don't' forget fee free to contact any of us at any time with any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns.

Devin Walker
CEO Printpop.com

P.S . For those of you who've signed up but haven't uploaded anything yet, please let us know if we can help you, the process is very easy and once you upload your first piece, it'll become second nature.

P.S.S. Now is a good time to make sure that all of your information on Printpop is updated; we've had a few checks come back to us because the artist had moved and had not updated their mailing address. Don't forget to add your Bio and descriptions for your pieces.

P.S.P.S. If you're not on Printpop yet...what are you waiting for???? Show the world your art!!!


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