Printpop Update - April 2007

It's been 2 years in the making! But now its here; The newest, the latest and the greatest version of Printpop.com!

Over the past 2 years Printpop has come a long, long way. Weve grown by leaps and bounds and in doing so, shook hands with, talked to, emailed, become Myspace friends, text messaged, IMd, faxed, blogged, pretty much everything except exchanged smoke signals with an incredible amount of new artists.

These artists have asked questions, made suggestions, raised concerns, and on occasion told me where to go. I have to say Thank you for ALL of the input, without it we would not be able to deliver this latest version of our Website.

So here is a quick summary of SOME of the features that are new and/or improved.

*New & Improved Shopping Cart.

*New Giftpop Items: YOU"VE gotta see these! I am most fond of the messenger bags with the interchangeable flaps.

*New Help Menu: This is now separated into General questions and a section just for the Artists.

*Sold & Hits information for each piece: Ive wanted this for a long time, and so have many of you. When you are in MYPOP, and your Portfolio you will be able to view under each piece how often someone has viewed that piece (Looked at the larger thumb) and how many times it has sold. You will still continue to receive your email confirmations when a piece sells.

*New Galleries; "Fantasy, Digital, Nature, Holiday, Raw": Raw is a combination of the old "Nudes" Gallery, as well as a place for other art that may be "risqué", or contain subject matter not suitable for the eyes of someone under the age of 18.

*Easier URLs for artist names, (ie. printpop.com/devinwalker): Provide links directly to your portfolio.

*Easier URLs for artwork,( ie. printpop.com/101): Easier links right to each individual art piece.

*Cleaned up "rough" edges to the Printpop.com interface/style.

*New Help Section Exclusively for Artists.

*Easier navigation form gallery to gallery, "Next and Previous" buttons: Go back and forth all day long.

*E-mail required to sign into account. You can no longer use username to sign in: *just another security measure.

*Countless other "behind the scenes" improvements. All of these "backend" changes will make the site more secure, run easier, and smoother, and make it easier to make improvements in the future. New improvements should be easier to implement and they will come much faster.

So take some time to become familiar with and enjoy the new features. And as always feel free to contact anyone here at Printpop at ANYTIME with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, and ideas. Also now is the perfect time to check your profile and make sure that your information is current and that you have entered a good BIO about yourself. Also if you sign into MYPOP and have artwork that you think should go into one of the new categories be sure to go to your PORTFOLIO and click on piece and choose the new galleries that you want it to show up in.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me in thanking Ladd our Chief Technology Officer for his TIRELESS work over the past two years, fire off some Fan mail and let him know what you think of what he's done; cto(at)printpop.com.

Lastly I want to say on behalf of everyone here at Printpop, our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected in anyway by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I hope this email finds you all safe and well.


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