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It's here. Printpop Press

www.printpoppress.com, or via the ad link on Printpop.com

At Printpop.com, we recognize there may be times when artists and Photographers want one of our large poster prints but don't want the picture or artwork uploaded to our galleries and available for the public to purchase.

This is ideal for someone who is wanting large poster prints of a piece of artwork that they do not want to make available in mass quantities. Or for someone wanting large prints of family pictures, or any photographs that you would like blown up to our large sizes.

That is the reasoning behind Printpop Press. You will not be asked to create an account and your image will only be used to produce the print that you purchase.

All Printpop Press purchases will be handled via PayPal shopping cart; at this time

Thank you for choosing Printpop.com for your Large Poster Print needs.

On a side, note.we've been asked a few times and thought we'd mention it publically: Yes, you can get your print on canvas. and the Standard print is on a premium photo semi-gloss paper (like most posters), that said...we will always do custom orders, just email and ask. There are hundreds of types of paper, for now, anything outside of the standards are handled on a custom order basis, someday soon there will be options to customize your order directly online.

As usual, please feel free to contact anyone here at anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks again...

Devin, CEO


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