Where in the World is Printpop?

Printpop has gone global over the past couple of years, I thought I'd pass along some information to those interested.
You can now visit www.printpop.com , www.printpop.net , www.printpop.biz, www.printpop.tv , www.printpop.be , www.printpop.bz , www.printpop.org, www.printpop.us , www.printpop.eu, www.printpop.co.uk, www.printpop.es , www.printpop.it , www.printpop. ru, www.printpop.hk.cn , www.printpop. cn, www.printpop. jp.

Also don't forget about www.giftpop.com and now www.printpoppress.com.

We have artists that are involved with Printpop now from all corners of the globe:
48 U.S. States from Hawaii to Maine, 7 Canadian Providences, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Russia. Sweden, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Belgium, Romania, India, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, China, S. Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.

A recent check of who is visiting the site shows that our artists are reaching fans, and showing there art in places as diverse as:United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Greece, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Aruba, Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, India and Thailand.

We are proud and thrilled with the friends we are making all over the planet...it's wonderful that art knows no boundaries and sees no walls.

Thank you all,

Devin, CEO


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