Printpop 2008


No more having to make your prints on a home printer. No more paying "Print Houses" to print your artwork and charge you so much that you have to mark them up to a price no one would be willing to pay. Printpop.com is here!

Printpop.com is an online art gallery allowing aspiring, emerging and
established visual artists to showcase their work (for free). It also
allows people who love art to purchase high quality prints from the online gallery at very affordable prices.

Printpop offers high quality reproduced prints for sale and artists gain a % of each print sold. Printpop has recently installed a merchandise store where artwork can be printed on items such as greeting cards, mugs, tote bags, etc. Go to www.printpop.com and click on the Giftpop ad, or go directly to giftpop.com to explore what PRINTPOP as available.

Printpop has also recently added Printpop Press. This is the place to go if you want large great quality prints of images or artwork that you do not want to place into alleries for mass consumption. Images uploaded here are available on any of the roducts that are offered through Giftpop as well as all the print sizes that are avilable normally through Printpop.

Now in its 5th year, artists from around the globe are registering for free accounts and uploading their work to be showcased for the world to see. Any artist who would like to include visual art to showcase is welcome to join the expanding community.

Registered artists have their own page allowing space for a brief bio and an unlimited amount of space to showcase their Art. Artists also receive discounts when purchasing their own work and have the advantage of being part of an online art community.

Customers have a variety of work to choose from at reasonable prices and PRINTPOP specializes in producing high quality prints in 3 sizes (small: 24 inches wide; medium: 36 inches wide; and large: 44 inches wide!).

PRINTPOP is a great service for all things Art: check out the webpage at:
www.printpop.com,www.giftpop.com, and www.printpoppress.com

For artists, star showing your Art to the world and make a supplementary, income for each print that is sold. For lovers and supporters of Art, start purchasing the work of emerging and established artists at reasonable prices and have the option of contacting the artist directly. For web browsers, check out the gallery and the merchandise store and see what makes printpop.com so special!

Take care!

VISIT Printpop.com HERE


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